Handmade in the USA

Not a gravel grinder, not a cross bike, not an adventure bike, not a commuter. The ALFA ALLROAD is a high performance road bike that you can ride damn near anywhere. A road bike that is equally at home in road races as it is on dirt or gravel roads.

The development team paid special attention to preserve the high performance ride characteristics of the ALFA while integrating flat mount disc brakes and allowing riders to adjust tire widths from 23c all the way to 38c.

Chainstays and wheelbase are kept tight, riders can move seamlessly from their current road bike to the ALFA ALL ROAD and experience the same thrilling feel that a great road bike provides.



Fit is everything. The ALFA ALL ROAD is available in an industry-leading 12 sizes: 49, 49+, 52, 52+, 54, 54+, 56, 56+, 58, 58+, 61 and 61+. The “+” designates a 2 cm taller head tube height that raises the front end slightly to allow for a more natural position for less flexible riders. Plus sizing is quickly becoming our most popular option. Many of our highest level athletes are selecting it so that they can avoid any need for headtube spacers.

With 12 sizes to choose from, Allied bicycles are a bike fitter’s dream and allow for the perfect fit for every type of rider, male and female alike.

Bottom bracket

After more than a decade of changing bottom bracket standards, we are happily back to BSA. No more creaking, easy to service and just as light as any other bottom bracket standard. Your mechanic will be thankful.


The ALFA ALL ROAD weighs in at only 920 grams for a 56cm frame in our “naked” finish. This puts the ALFA ALL ROAD in an elite class of premium flat mount disc frames.

Now it is easily possible for a 14lb high-performance, multi surface road bike with 38c tires.

Cable Management

Cable management is all in the details. The ALLIED ALFA is designed to beautifully integrate the cable management into the industrial design. We have carefully designed the cable routing to be compatible with every drivetrain option and to make cable routing simple for you and your mechanic.

Tyre Sizing

In high-performance wheels, wider is better, and the ALFA ALL ROAD can accept all modern rim widths and tire sizes all the way up to 700x38c.


Personalisation is no longer a luxury. It is a modern requirement for premium products. You can have just about anything made specifically for you. At ALLIED, it’s more personal than that. It’s not just about the bicycle; it’s about the ride, and it’s about why you ride. We ride in a spirit of total freedom with an inherent connection to other riders. When you see another ALFA, it’s a handshake, a nod; this rider gets it, like you, he or she values beauty and utility, originality and authenticity, individuality and community.