Master Mechanics Program

We only work with the best Mechanics to build each frame.  Frames are shipped to Melbourne, then sent to your preferred mechanic with parts, to be built and delivered to you.

Before a Mechanic can build a frame, they must demonstrate years of experience, provide references and show evidence of insurance.

We also undertake random checks and encourage feedback to ensure our current and future customers get the best support.

To apply to be a Master Mechanic, please email


The following Master Mechanics are qualified to build your frame:


Steve Nash is Adelaide Bike Fit.  Nashy is well regarded in Adelaide for both bike fitting and building excellence.  He's built bikes for years and has seen it all.


Josh Wood works with a big brand during the day and builds bikes at night.  He has been head mechanic with a number of Brisbane stores.  Josh is about attention to detail.


Asher Davies of Cyclic Servicing is a qualified Engineer and all round good person.  He builds and services the best bikes while studying Medicine.  

Mike Light is Rapid Wrench - one of the countries leading mobile bike mechanic operations.  They can build onsite or deliver to your home.


Matt Wikstrom is the Australian Tech Editor for CyclingTips.  He owns and has tested many of the best brands.  He builds frames for our Perth based customers.


Felice is the owner of Cycling Projects in Ashbury.  He has built numerous Festka and DeAnima frames and is a thorough, attention to detail-type character.

Hayden Nosatti is Tune Cycles, one of the leading mobile mechanic services in Sydney.  We trust Hayden and his team with our own bikes - just like all of our Master Mechanics.

If you would like to register to be a Master Mechanic, please complete the phone at the bottom of this page or email


DeAnima Cicli spray booth