You've worked hard and deserve this.  How else does someone like you celebrate a moment - any moment...

Festka is for someone who appreciates finer things and has ridden long enough to acknowledge the perfect blend of quality material, exceptional craftsmanship, tailored features and an exquisite finish.

Built in Prague, Festka use the highest quality material to produce world renowned bikes.  Bike Radar ranks Festka as one of the worlds 'superbikes' due to performance, materials, custom build options and unique designs.

Our Australian and New Zealand customers can select frame/fork, or fully built bikes using components to suit your style.

The pricing below is for frame/fork and freight to your door.  Contact us to learn more.


Carbon Road Carbon Road Carbon Road
 Festka One Festka One LT Festka One RS
Festka One Festka One LT Festka Spectre Road
$ 6,490 $ 9,790 $ 8,140

Carbon / Titanium Road Titanium Road
Festka Doppler Festka Asphalt
Festka Doppler Festka Asphalt
$ 10,560 $ 8,450

Carbon Gravel Stainless Steel
Festka One Gravel Festka XCr
Festka One Gravel Festka XCr
$ 7,370 $ 8,500