Buying Process

We make it easy to obtain your dream bike.  There are three simple steps:

1. Pick 

Possibly as much fun as riding your new bike...

  • Select frame size and design
  • Determine your build kit and groupset

Note, some of our brands have additional charges for custom geometry or levels of designs.  Please let us know if you have specific requests.

2. Build

  • Your frame is carefully handcrafted
  • In Italy, USA or Czech Republic

Build times can vary between brands.  For brands that hold stock, you could expect your frame delivered within 2-4 weeks with custom builds taking 6-12 weeks

3. Deliver

The best bike day!

  • Delivered to your nearest City
  • Assembled by a professional, Master Mechanic

There are no additional shipping fees or taxes.  The price provided is the final price.