Ben Norden is an avid cyclist and cycling enthusiast, having first roamed the footpaths of Melbourne on an old BMX given to him by his parents. From the age of six he would ride to his primary school, a trip which seemed a lot further then than it would today. Cycling began as a hobby and has become a passion, lifestyle and now career for Ben, who would like to help other individuals and communities enjoy the benefits and happiness that cycling can bring. 

Cycling is a great way to have fun, keep fit and meet fantastic people. Ben has followed his love of cycling to France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Holland where he has ridden famed climbs like Alp D’Huez, the cobblestones of Bruges and the more gentle yet equally picturesque valleys of the French and Swiss countryside. Ben finds certain rides around his hometown of Melbourne, just as rewarding and challenging.

Remaining healthy and active has always been a part of Ben’s DNA and this was crystallised further when, at the age of thirteen, his father died of a heart attack. The tragic passing of Ben’s brother to suicide also instilled in him a desire to help people lead active, healthy lives and also fostered an interest in mental health. 

Ben undertook volunteer work with Beyond Blue and also raised money for Oxfam through participation in their China Cycling program. Study and subsequent work in the field of preventative health and behaviour science ensued, which Ben found to be enjoyable and rewarding, albeit somewhat intangible, as the benefits from planned strategies and projects might not come to fruition for some time.

Harbouring a strong desire to have a greater and more immediate impact on people's lives, Ben decided to nourish his entrepreneurial spirit by setting up Bicycle Buyer, the concept of which was was first developed in 2011 when buying bicycles for friends. One suggested becoming a “bicycle broker” to help people find the right equipment at the right price because navigating the market for bicycles can be a difficult and confusing task. How do you know you are purchasing a bicycle that suits you and your needs? How do you know you are getting a fair price? How do you know you are purchasing a quality product? It is here that Bicycle Buyer, in its journey of creating the “best way to buy” a bicycle, can help.