Festka Asphalt and XCr in 2017

Dear Good People

A quick note to inform you that Festka titanium (Asphalt) and steel (XCr) frames will be even more exclusive in 2017. At this time, 12 Asphalt and 12 XCr frames will be produced each year and be made for existing Festka clients in the first instance. 

This current decision was made for several reasons:

  • It allows the master crafts people to focus on precision and development – rather than rushing to meet deadlines
  • Likewise, resources and time can be freed to focus on the already extensive research and development of the carbon range
  • The availability of materials from suppliers was inconsistent, making it difficult to commit to timelines and higher volumes of frames

Ultimately we want the best for you and our future customers. We will be sure to communicate any shifts in availability of Asphalt and XCr frames in our newsletter or blog.

Happy riding!

Ben and the Bicycle Buyer team

 Festka XCr blue